GraceKennedy, one of the Caribbean’s largest and most dynamic Food and Financial corporate entities started in Jamaica in 1922, and comprises companies in the Caribbean, North and Central America, the United Kingdom and Africa. Grace Kennedy was born at Montego Bay, Jamaica on 2 March 1958. By Janice Hoppe-Spiers. Since its birth in 1922, GraceKennedy has provided authentic Caribbean food products to generations of people, earning along the way its familiar description – Grace, the Good Food People. Poto and Cabengo is also the name of a documentary film about the girls made by Jean-Pierre Gorin and released in 1980.. GraceKennedy's chief executive officer, Don Wehby, said the board’s top priority is to turnaround the company from its current loss-making status. GraceKennedy Foods focuses on expanding its Grace and La Fe footprints throughout the United States. GraceKennedy Foods is a division of the GraceKennedy Group, the Caribbean’s leading distributor of food and non-food consumer products. GraceKennedy Foods plans to expand its portfolio of products and work to better understand the consumer to further grow its Grace and La Fe brands throughout the United States. Vision: To be a world-class corporate foundation committed to the well being of individuals and communities Mission: We support GraceKennedy as a corporate citizen by creating environmentally sustainable programmes, promoting healthy lifestyles and increasing access to education. “I think eventually, it will add a sizeable chunk to the bottom line, but it is going to take a while. Poto and Cabengo (names given, respectively, by Grace and Virginia Kennedy to themselves) are American identical twins who used an invented language until the age of about eight. She first came into the public eye after winning the TV talent show Opportunity Knocks (1977) and then also featuring in an episode of Star Treatment (1979). Grace and Grace Foods are brand names of GraceKennedy Limited, a multinational entity involved in food processing and distribution, banking and finance, insurance and remittance services, and building materials retailing.It was established in 1922. Career Singer and television presenter. Michael Ammar Jr, who owns the Ammar’s chain of fashion stores, said that he was fine-tuning a site to be launched on Cyber Monday, November 30, making his foray into the e-commerce field. The girls were apparently of normal intelligence. It co-owns health insurers, Canopy with the Musson Group, and owns GK General Insurance and Allied Insurance Brokers, which are member companies of the GraceKennedy Group.