The platform of the … While it won't automatically melt the pounds off, it does increase energy expenditure during exercise. Vibration Plate Before Or After Exercise: Let’s Compare! The fitness group (N = 18) followed a standard … That should do the trick! The vibrations cause your body to work harder to … Most of the vibration plates allow a weight limit of 250-350 pounds; however, the 3G Cardio AVT 6.0 offers an impressive weight limit of up to 500 pounds. Posted by Joel Gottehrer on September 21, 2020 Consistent use of a fitness vibration plate (such as the Waver ) has proven time and time again to be … Have you considered exercising on a vibration plate? The Power Plate works by giving you a high-speed workout using multi-directional vibrations to contract and relax your muscles. The whole body vibration group (N = 18) performed unloaded static and dynamic exercises on a vibration platform (35 - 40 Hz, 2.5 - 5.0 mm; Power Plate).