Unknown to many, a deeply personal commitment to rehabilitation therapy was the powerful driving force behind the creation of SWORD Health's game-changing digital physiotherapy device. Virgílio Bento, CEO & Co-founder Country: Portugal | Funding: $24.5M | link SWORD Health is a medical company that created the first AI-powered digital physical … SWORD Health is a tech-enabled provider of physical therapy, pairing its digital therapists with human clinical teams to help patients recover faster, more cost-effectively and, above all, better. A CEO falls on his sword. Sword Health has 79 employees and is ranked 5th among it's top 10 competitors. SWORD Health, a digital musculoskeletal and pulmonary therapy provider, today announced the appointment of industry paragon Brian Marcotte to lead their Client Advisory Board. The top 10 competitors average 55.8M. This was a planned execution.' Sword Health's revenue is the ranked 9th among it's top 10 competitors. An insider’s view '[Hugh Marks'] scalp was not collateral damage. The top 10 competitors average 495. Brian Marcotte, the newly appointed leader of SWORD Health Client Advisory Board.