Adult Weight: Southdown sheep are beautiful. - Paula Simmons and Carol Ekarius They are big sheep with big horns and big shaggy coats – but their placid natures makes for very easy handling. Live your Dreams! Eyes large and bright and clear of wool. « Reply #1 on: July 12, 2012, 08:55:04 pm » Jules Moore in Bristol keeps Southdowns and they are small so not sure if what you are after. The babies have picked this up from her and they are a joy to have around. Knitted garments, clothes, blankets, etc. They have long wide face and medium sized legs that are usually covered with wool and fine soft pink skin. Joined Dec 2009 ; Wiltshire Re: Miniature Southdown Sheep - Anyone keep them? The ewes breed once a year and mostly produce enough milk to wean their lambs. They are said to be one of the most important and valued breeds from the United Kingdom. The Southdown sheep breed is the oldest of the “down” sheep breeds with a consistently good quality in both meat and wool production. Lambing rate averages 140-160%. American Sheep Industry Association List of Breed Associations & Standards. Experience Level: $19.95, Storey's Illustrated Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs Susie and Jessica shear sheep and sort their fleeces to show how Southdown duvets are made. The high quality of the carcass has also been a hallmark of the breed. As expected, many of the early registered sheep were imported from England. They are excellent for meat production, and the high quality of the carcass has also been a hallmark of the breed. In England, these small Southdowns grew in p… The wool has a numerical count of 54 to 60 and the staple length is 1.5 to 2.5 inches. Their small size is less intimidating for children and they make ideal 4-H projects. Southdowns are distinctive in appearance. The American Southdown Breeders Association was formed in 1882. Wide, level between the ears with no sign of horn. The sheep are sturdy, wide, deep, compact, and refined. We started with three sheep, two ewes and a ram. The Southdown sheep breed is attractive, alert and has a very balanced appearance. Not too long from eyes to nose, particularly rams. Usually, around 150 to 155 days but most gestation is 152 days, Usually, around 150 to 240 day but most are milked for 180 days. To keep them enclosed, fencing does not need to be high. Use: The sheep are white with mouse colored faces. No known health issues Good Starter Sheep? Their small size and easy keeping metabolism requires less acreage per animal compared to other breeds. The region has a mild climate, fertile soil, and good grass that make it excellent for raising sheep. Rams weigh 190-230 pounds and ewes weigh 130-180 pounds. Adult Babydoll Southdown Sheep are 17″ to 24″ at the shoulder. Wool covers the ears, most of the face and the legs. Heritage breed Champion of show Kelmscott AG 2019 Champion Babydoll Kelmscott AG show 2019 Retained by Tanjar and used in the 2019 / 2020 breeding season. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. Short in the leg, great easy going animals. Meat Their Fleece is Like Cashmere. Their lambing properties are good so, there is a high demand for ewes as compared to rams. Angela gets To See the sheep here on the homestead. Novice - Intermediate. They look up at you as if to say “What are you going to do with us now?” Kimber is a momma’s girl. Sire: Hillgrove 20/13. Southdown Sheep Price Southdown sheep are quiet and calm by nature and do not harm anyone. The breed was highly regarded as a premier meat breed until the market shift to taller, larger sheep during the 1900s. A good Southdown should catch the eye with its alertness and balanced appearance, displaying the following characteristics: Head and face. They are relatively calm in disposition. The average weight of Southdown ram is 86- 104 kg and the ewe is 59- 81 kg. . Southdowns are active sheep but they are calm in disposition. It is a medium to small sized breed with a gray to mouse-brown face and lower legs and is polled (hornless). At 10 years old, Keilah’s seen and done just about everything and very little startles or worries her. In 1780 John Ellman, realized the potential of these animals and set out to standardize the Southdown breed. Hope you enjoy! Was just wondering if anyone keeps miniature southdown sheep (Babydoll sheep), and if so, what they are like as a breed? Docile Status: It originated from the native sheep of the region, which were improved beginning in the late 1700s and continuing through the 1830s. Both ewes and rams are polled. Southdown sheep were known as hardy and quick growing, and the quality of their meat was celebrated. Although their skin is or has at some time been used for the production of some form of sheep skin product such as chamois, etc. The Southdown sheep are a very active breed of domestic sheep. Kid skin leather products such as shoes, car seats, fine leather coats, gloves, etc. Temperament: $24.95, Storey's Illustrated Guide to Sheep, Goats, Cattle, and Pigs. A few more interesting facts to know about the breed. Storey's Guide to Raising Sheep The Southdown was probably imported to North America in the 1700s, though the first documented importation occurred in 1803, … Ears of medium size and covered with short wool. Southdown sheep have a blocky body shape with heavy muscling in the hindquarters and loin. The hair on the face is a tan to gray color. The sheep dress out well and produce a high quality with an excellent carcass. They have quick growing fleeces and needs shearing twice a year. Height measured at 54 cm @ 18 months, Sherlock is our smallest ram. The Southdown sheep breed belongs to a group of sheep called the “downs” group. They are not primarily bred for their sheep skin production. in addition to their fabulous looks they also have a wonderfully placid and friendly temperament. Dam: Roblin 054/11. They are very docile but should not be left unattended around unsupervised children. Hair of an even mouse colour. Breed Facts - Carol Ekarius This makes them much easier to handle than many other farm animals. The Southdown is best suited for farm flock production. In fact, we use “hog panels” often for temporary fencing, which taller people can step over. These small sheep were know for their extreme hardiness and produced meat with unmatched tenderness and flavor then any other breed of sheep. These sheep are now available throughout the world and their price varies. The Southdown sheep produces a fine fiber that has been used in knitwear for many years. Southdowns are active sheep but they are calm in disposition. The ram was difficult and you need to literally watch your but when in his pasture because he will knock you down with no hesitation. Your email address will not be published. Both rams and ewes are polled. Southdown, breed of medium-wool, dark-faced, hornless sheep originating in the Sussex hills … They are the smallest of the breeds from this group and also the oldest breed in the group. They are adaptable to varied and wet climates. The breed has been shaped by selection for meat production, and as a result, Southdowns are early maturing and forage efficient. Reg Southdown ASSBA & Babydoll Southdown AABMGS. The Southdown was developed in southeastern England, specifically in the Chalk Hills or "South Downs" of Sussex. The breed was consistent in qualities, and it was used in the development of several other breeds, including the Shropshire, Hampshire, and Oxford; in this way its role was similar to that of the Leicester among the longwool breeds.