Universal gas valves are cheaper than brand name valves. Furnace gas valves occasionally stop opening and closing properly with age. (0) Buy in-store. Since there are so many possible furnace problems to repair, there is an extensive wide range of potential costs. Alternately, one of the electronic gas ignition components or a glitch in the safety circuit may be to blame. If you have an experienced friend to lend a second set of eyes to to the project, that’s all the better. Gas valve costs submitted by homeowners and prices from around the internet are included. In Australia, you would typically have two 45kg LPG gas bottles on a home. Gas appliance manufacturers use these models in many types of gas fired heating appliances including central furnaces, residential boilers, rooftop furnaces, commercial cooking … The valve itself may have simply worn out or may be damaged due to basement seepage or submersion. (Provide a Brief Title About Your Project, Repair, Remodel, etc), (Used so others in your area can compare). Service type Exhaust Gas Recirculation/EGR Valve Replacement: Estimate $627.65: Shop/Dealer Price $775.10 - $1190.93: 2006 Smart Fortwo L3-0.8L Turbo Diesel: Service type Exhaust Gas Recirculation/EGR Valve Replacement: Estimate $627.65: Shop/Dealer Price $775.16 - $1191.03: 2005 Smart Fortwo L3-0.8L Turbo Diesel: Service type Exhaust Gas Recirculation/EGR Valve … You’ll save labor costs doing the work yourself. Fd natural gas valve. It becomes more time consuming as furnace access gets more difficult. The most obvious way to tell your furnace needs repairs is when it blows cold air out. Jump back to these main areas of our website. Compare. Gas valves control the flow of gas into your furnace. A failed ignitor can also damage other parts of the furnace, such as the circuit board. When we send out an expert member of our team to repair your furnace, this fee helps cover their time and labor. Costs will vary depending on several factors, but you can get an estimate based on the average cost to replace certain parts or fix specific issues. This is another repair you may wish to attempt on your own. The part itself should only cost $20 or $30. If you had a fence, share how many gates, the height, etc. Replacing a gas control valve is a straightforward repair once properly diagnosed. Required fields are marked *. Suggest a Cost Comparison from Another Website, Cabin Fever? There are several reasons this valve may stop working properly. We’ll probably never recommend DIY gas furnace repair of any kind due to the danger of explosion. When it gets to be more than 10 years old, you might want to replace the furnace instead of getting it fixed, so you can avoid having to continue replacing parts frequently. Contact us today to schedule maintenance or repairs. Always be sure to call an expert if your furnace is having issues. Did we mention it’s free? Whipple Service Champions can help you keep your house heated with its affordable furnace repair service. Repairs and replacements will both stay within the range of $80-$250. Technicians can provide quick and effective help for broken or damaged components. Furnace Maintenance Weight 64.5 pounds. They can run anywhere from $600 to $1,500, depending on how complex the motor is and its size. 4.6 out of 5 stars 47. Service fees tend to be higher for emergency jobs outside regular service hours, such as evenings or weekends. Best: $1,850 to $2,900. +. These factors will help you narrow down the likely estimates you’ll receive. Upgraded Replacement for Honeywell Furnace Smart Gas Valve SV9501M2528 (Renewed) $210.88.