WoodYouLike . I suspect I could be wrong about this (just a layperson when it comes to hardwoods). At Rural Timber, we combine traditional craftmanship with modern technology to create timber doors, window frames, conservatories and other items that are designed to last. Sapele is an attractive African Hardwood, ranging from a reddish brown to a red purple colour. Oak has traditionally been a popular choice for bespoke doors and windows as it is a strong, durable and beautiful hardwood. Good 3/10 . I've asked for oak because I was always lead to believe that it was the best wood available in Britain. Oak trees grow more slowly, have more branches and are typically smaller. These ratings were done using the Janka Hardness Test. Sapele vs Accoya for front door? Relative hardness of wood flooring species. Red Oak . Grapia 2053 White Oak, North American 1360 Heart Pine 870 -910 Cypress, Australian Hard 1375 Hickory 1820 Walnut, Caribbean 1400 Imbuia 950 Walnut, Mayan/Aztec 1400 Iroko/Kambala 1260 Maple, Hard North American 1450 Ironwood, Green 3680 Mahogany, African, Sapele 1500 Jarrah, Australian 1915 Maple, Ivory 1500 Kenpass 1854 Afromosia 1560 I have Accoya windows, the main reason was seasonal stability compared to oak. Smaller oak boards can be assembled into panels, but color matching is required. ft.) Hardness 1510 Janka Rating . Hardwood vs Softwood – Sapele or Accoya Doors and Windows. Jamming in the winter would of … Good 3/10 . Joined: 14 Nov 2004 Messages: 7,710 Thanks Received: … 17.05% harder than red oak (1290 psi) Density 0.62 Specific Gravity -3.13% less dense than red oak (.64) General Workability. Sapele grows in Africa Weight 3.5 lbs /Bd. Red Oak . Mahogany boards often exceed 12 inches in width. Sapele is about 10 percent harder than oak. FiscoKing, 31 Jul 2007 #3. Because of this it is also often used to create musical instruments, veneers and decorative panels. Oak boards rarely exceed 12 inches. Whilst we commonly … Sapele. A variety of grain patterns and a deep natural sheen make each piece unique. Fine 4/10 . Ease of Finishing. Wood Texture. Trees reach heights up to 180’ with trunk diameters as large as 7’. Red Oak . It’s also used to some extent in musical instruments.” Sapele, also called sapele mahogany or scented mahogany, grows in large sections of western and central Africa, from Sierra Leone to Uganda and south to Angola. What I'm trying to ascertain, is whether there is anything special about oak over Sapele or Iroko? Sapele is also known as ‘African Mahogany’ as they share many of the same qualities. Below are listed the relative hardness for numerous wood species used in flooring. Mahogany boards are more consistent in color and are easier to match. Ft.-2.23% lighter than red oak (3.58 /bd. Thanks.