Request Stock Alert. The Conversion. £278.66 ex. Offering pedals only or full conversions (pedals and steering) for most vehicles. We specialize in dual control driving systems for rural letter carriers. Right hand drive conversion UK. Right Hand Driving Made Easy! Description. £52.50 ex. So you will have to add that to your 6 week shipping time for stock vehicles, and 12 weeks … VAT. Conversion LHD to RHD. Product Code: 47H5365 £ 63.00. A brand new Ford F-150 SVT Raptor getting prepped for its right hand drive conversion at RHD USA. Conversions usually take about 6 weeks once the car is in the shop. ... UK spec headlights and tail light lenses, Speedo, rev counter and accelerator cables, Glove box, Custom lines are adapted to fit. 2 HEADLAMP ASSY RHD UK MGA TD/TF. You can cancel your email alerts at any time. each x. If you're a business buyer, that's £89,000 + VAT. Right hand drive conversion Right hand drive conversion. Any minor mistake while the rhd to lhd conversion can result in some issues with not only the car but also for the people driving in the car. When driving in left hand drive (LHD) countries this will blind oncoming traffic*. All conversions can be driven from the left side when necessary. A right hand drive power steering rack is installed for factory disc brakes. There is a lot of demand for these RHD quality conversions cars, so it pays to order in advance. Share Followers 0. The conversion alone … VAT. Email Enquiries: Please contact us about any of the cars we have ready for right hand drive conversions, or if you have a dream which we can help deliver in reality - … Our right hand drive conversion processes begins with the removal of the vehicles interior, the front end sheet metal, radiator, headlamps, grille and bumper. Conversion LHD to RHD . The total right hand drive conversion processes involves many major changes. Reply to this topic; Start new topic; Recommended Posts. Luxury car dealer Clive Sutton will order you an F-150 Raptor (that's the fast one if you didn't already know), and convert it to right-hand drive for you for the princely sum of £106,800. Why do you headlights need to be converted? Item. An updated ac / heat unit … By Guest Rich Lear, April 9, 2005 in TR6 Forum. Product Code: ARH57 £ 334.39. Ideal for the UK, Scotland, Guernsey, Jersey, South Africa, New Zealand, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and many other countries with RHD cars. 1 DASHBOARD MGA RHD. The standard light pattern of a right hand drive (RHD) car points up to the left side of the road, giving better vision of the road signs and the hard shoulder. 2016 GMC Yukon XL Denali with factory quality custom Right Hand Drive (RHD)conversion by US World Direct It is not just a matter of swapping a steering wheel over. About US 247instant auto left hand drive specialist is dedicated to ensuring that RHD cars are converted to LHD by professionals.we have positioned ourselves to be the industry leader in high quality, functional RHD to LHD conversion company. The entire process to convert right-hand drive to left-hand drive is not a simple process and thus should be done under the supervision of the expert. Action. Power steering pump is $650 additional if your car does not have power steering. Enter your email address to receive alerts when we have new listings available for Right hand drive conversion UK. The rack will work with a factory steering column.