There are many Greek olive varieties for oil After Picual, Arbequina olives are the sec­ond most com­monly used in olive oil pro­duc­tion, with roughly 10 per­cent of the world’s olive oil com­ing from the native vari­ety of Catalonia. Different Greek olive varieties play a significant role in determining an olive's color, shape, and flavor. Country: Spain Use: Oil and table. Arbequina. Pure is actually a blend of either extra virgin or virgin olive oil and olive oils that are refined. The different olive varieties cultivarted bring added value to Andalucía (Spain) oils , being Jaén county one of the most important worldwide zone in olive tree cultivation. Virgin olive oil called olive oil which only sourced exclusively from the fruit of the olive tree. It is used mainly when extracted olive oil is of poor quality and the refining process helps it to have a better flavor. Pure Olive Oil . These small olives are enjoyed green or black and are sold marinated in olive oil with red wine vinegar and oregano. Pure olive oil is another oil, but the name can be misleading. Galega olives are one of the most popular varieties of olive from Portugal that are sold as whole fruit or olive oil. This Portuguese olive variety has a sweet fruity taste and meaty flesh that separates easily from the pit. The varieties of virgin olive oil are; virgin olive oil, excellent or high quality, Extra … Also Córdoba, Granada, Sevilla and Cazorla are zones known for il production, so make that Andalucía becomes the place where more olive oil are produced worldwide. To receipt of this oil used mechanical or physical means by which there is altered in its final quality.