Peanut Jr. JR FARM Peanut Bar Erdnussbutter mit Regenwürmern (9 Stück im Eimer) 3,5 kg einfach und bequem günstig online kaufen bei - ab 35€ versandkostenfrei … He’s now Peanut Jr.! Peanut Jr. is a 21-year-old peanut who is officially the legal drinking age. On Tuesday August 11, 2020, Baby Nut is shellebrating his new stage of life. 26.2k Likes, 1,359 Comments - Peanut Jr. (@mrpeanutofficial) on Instagram: “We’re devastated to confirm that Mr. Peanut is gone. "Baby Nut," which replaced Planter's old mascot, Mr. Peanut, earlier this year. Now, Peanut Jr., is considered to be 21, which has angered many people on social media. Meet Peanut Jr.! — Peanut Jr. (@MrPeanut) August 11, 2020 You can find the video above which started the campaign with the caption "I’m officially 21, my friends! He has freckles on his face. Mr. Peanut, the 104-year old mascot of the Planters snack food company, has died after sacrificing himself in what appears to be a traumatic road accident. Before you ask, yes, I was just a baby. Peanut Jr. also dresses casually, wearing a baseball cap and sneakers. The official Instagram of Peanut Jr., formerly known as Baby Nut, who was formerly known as Mr. Peanut. He died doing what he did best – having…”