All Credit goes to Trevor Jones- AstroBackyard. Meade Series 6000 ED APO Triplets are among the finest available optically at any price. Categories. Website. The Meade 70mm Quadruplet Astrograph mounted to Sky-Watcher HEQ with Guide Scope attached. Search. Email. The fully illuminated image circle … The Meade 6000 series 70mm Petzval Apochromatic Astrograph refractor telescope has a fully multi-coated quadruplet lens made of FPL53 ED glass and is built with Astrophotography in mind. The Meade Series 6000 70mm Astrograph is designed specifically for photographic use. Leave a comment. For crisp wide field imaging, nothing can beat a true quadruplet-element Apochromatic Refractor (APO). AstroBackyard- Meade 70mm Quadruplet APO Review. Meade’s Series 6000 70mm Astrograph Quadruplet APO refractor on Celestron Advanced VX mount. First of all - I realize the price tag is a little steep - but the fact that this imaging refractor does not require a field-flattener saves you some money. AstroBackyard- Meade 70mm Quadruplet APO Review. Meade 70mm Quadruplet ED APO Astrograph Review. Name. Search. For a Full Review, please click HERE. This extra-low dispersion (ED) Quadruplet APO offers fully multi-coated optics for crisp, clear images. Meade’s Series 6000 70mm Astrograph is a 70mm aperture, Quadruplet Apochromatic (APO) Refractor with 350mm (f/5) Focal Length. Comment. Leave a Reply. This impressive 70mm, f/5 refractor has a focal length of 350mm, making it ideal for advanced astrophotography. Its a Petzval design using 4 lenses and producing an extremely fat field of view and excellent color correction.