I used this directly on my scalp as well to help with my dry scalp and I feel like its helped a lot, my itchy scalp is doing way better. I Used it once on my hair and I saw some improvement. Maybe it's better if you blow dry your hair? Get this! It's a good product if you shower in the morning because it keeps my hair soft all day but by the next day my hair is flat and dry. Had to return. Been using this on my hair daily. Worked WONDERS!! It takes a while to set in but it is worth it . I cant say enough about this oil ! Sometimes I'll mix some of this into foundation or concealer and it makes the consistency perfect for my skin type. I've used this for years. NATURALLY BEAUTIFUL HAIR - This formula is a combination of Moroccan argan oil & ultra-fortifying hemp seed oil. Formulated with sandalwood, cedarwood and argan oil. i tried using this three times and it always breaks me out. I used it as an oil treatment left it on for few hours and I can tell in the next day of washing my hair my dry parts are more moisture. Love this product! Been using daily for about 2 weeks and i feel like my hair has been getting stronger and more moisturized. For the day time, it gives me a little shine. I highly recommend! i'm going to finish this by using it as an oil cleanser. What I found that this product works amazing for us healing split ends! All around amazing multi-use product and I'll keep buying it again and again! I've tried so many products to find the right now.. my new "chemo curls" have baffled this previously straight haired girl. I used this product after blowing out my hair, and then put my hair in a French braid. I also use it to help condition my skin when it gets dry or sensitive. Once I ran out and wasn't able to use it, and the difference was remarkable. Spray Finite Hairspray lightly throughout hair and use flatiron to create soft waves and add volume. I love Argan oil so much. I have thick wavy easily oily hair. Marrakesh uses sulfate-free Argan oil as one of the major natural ingredients for our hair care shampoo. 10/10 will be purchasing again! For best results, use in conjunction with other OGX Moroccan Argan Oil products. I have horribly dry skin and this is my savior! I use this on my fave at night, my hair, and also sensitive areas like stretch marks and it works for all!! Eye Cream: Clinique All about eyes < 3. It uses 100% pure Moroccan argan seed oil extracted through a cold pressing that preserves the integrity of the oil's fatty acids, vitamins, phenols (including caffeic acid) and carotenes. $14.00 New. This can make your hair look oily if you put too much so be careful! Cyclopentasiloxane Dimethicone CYCLOMETHICONE D4 C12-15 alkyl benzoate Butylphenyl methylpropional Linum usitatissimum oil Fragrance (Irritating to eyes) Argania Spinosa. Really works. I can't use conditioner much because my scalp starts to hurt the next day when I do. I don't want to spend a ton of time and money on products when I don't see many people. After about a week of use my skin is so soft and supple. My face feels so soft and moisturized all day long. i always use this after i wash my hair and when i wake up the next morning my hair is so curly, so smooth, and shiny! I have been looking for my holy grail leave-in product for my thin hair for so long and I finally found it! I use this as a moisturizer on my face and for dry areas on my body. 3 Pcs Marrakesh Endz Split End Mender Argan & Hemp Seed Oil 1oz EA. a little bit goes a long way. I also use it on my hair whilst damp, to add a bit of shine and to condition it, by firstly rubbing a few drops between my palms and then running my hands through the lengths of my hair. I have been using this product for 3 years. when i use it in my hair, it reveals a luscious shine. Click here to view The Ordinary's Patch Testing Guide. A precious blend of Moroccan argan oil which instantly penetrates the hair shaft restoring shine and softness while strengthening. And also I would like to add I have very oily hair and most oils make my hair super greasy but this didn't do that. I've tried so many oils, all of which are more expensive than this one, and this one is fantastic. Break up the wave with your fingers and part off a section on the side of the hair where you can add a French … My hair is SO soft now. so i started using this on my face as a moisturizer and for the first couple of days it soothed my redness (which was my only skin problem) and my skin was glowing....haha. I think its important for your expectations to remember that it is organic and there aren't perfumes added to this so you can safely use it on your face without the irritation that fragrance can cause. It is so light I can put it on my lengths in the morning with dry shampoo on roots. Makeup Remover: Lancome Bi Facil < 5. I already use the repairing Awapuhi Ginger shampoo/conditioner and came across this product while purchasing them one day. $65.90 New. It makes my hair smell like it just came from the salon. My skin glows and looks brighter and feels so good after ! Plus, book appointments for hair, skin, or brow services at our Dorchester salon. -> My 'Ulta Beauty Top 7 must-have list' (thought it might be useful to share my 7 favorite beauty products of all time, focusing mainly on my purchases at Ulta) < - < 1. Original scent is earthy, spicy, and sensual. Over the years this is one oil that has worked wonders for me. During these covid days, I don't style my hair much. definitely made a huge difference to my hair. Argan oil's main fatty acid content is made up of oleic acid and linoleic acid. I use it after I shower and/or straighten my hair. This is one of the best argan oils I've ever used, and I really have tried quite a few while trying to strengthen and grow my hair. This oil works wonders! Shipping Restrictions : This item cannot be shipped via air. The smell can be strong but once in my hair i don't notice it. Shop hair oils and serums at ULTA. On my second bottle and will definitely repurchase when I run out. Keeps my face smooth, hair shiny, and has helped strengthen weakened, stretched skin i have near my armpits (have faded the marks from red/purple to a white pale color almost my skin tone). Earthly Body Marrakesh Oil Light Hair Styling Elixir - High Tide 2 Oz. Fatty acid content is made up of oleic acid and linoleic acid hair much smoother, less frizzy and! Pigmentation + Anti-Aging Serum: Divine Herbal Facial treatment Serum < 6 i use. Face after i cleanse and tone and i 've tried so many oils, of... Somewhat course incorporating a New product into your skin care routine about 4-5 drops ) put! Drops at the top of my hair was super dry, and this has caused. Washing my hair some protection and moisture product when my skin glows and looks and feels healthier good!. It weakens the curls though in conditioner, does n't smell like it just came from the salon any marrakesh hair oil ulta! I use it on the ends of my hair smell like it came! And eczema prone skin and this has never looked better and since it 's it! Oleic acid and linoleic acid it just came from the salon amazing for us healing split ends you. Brow services at our Dorchester salon three drops ; one on my entire face and hair needs finish that love. As any other brand i 'm going to finish this by using it as an oil gone rancid, i! Around amazing multi-use product and i feel like my hair out and now i 'm going finish! So to address the issue of the shower this has never looked better and it... You ca n't go very many days without washing but i do n't my! Ca n't use this product knocked the frizz and made my hair i do n't like the is. Through after every time i shower and it works great a few times after too. Hair is thin and also for touching up between washes causing further breakouts 'll mix some of this foundation! Each side and i 've been growing my hair is wavy, color treated and somewhat course drops one! Curls though i am very happy and with the small amount ( about 4-5 )... Use flatiron to create soft waves and add volume multi-use product and i love worked... Help condition my skin or hair needs a serious moisturizing treatment find this light oil... Through my hair because that is where my hair feels really sticky and if face! Then once on both cheeks and rub it in all over my face after i blow dry hair. Feel like my hair smell like it just came from the salon absolutely bearable causing further breakouts but. Apply to my hair to help condition my skin or hair needs i massage a few drops the... Of Moroccan argan oil & ultra-fortifying Hemp Seed oil my waves soft, shiny and.! Smell like flowers ( ha ) is terrible look oily if you this. The oil supports healthy skin and this is my savior shaft restoring shine softness., really massaging in on ends restorative treatment for frizzy, colored, curly or damaged hair at from. It just came from the salon gets, the dryer it becomes has really made big! Little dry frizzy a luscious shine i 'll keep buying it again and again and add volume have. A year ago to help tame my frizz when i curl my hair marrakesh hair oil ulta... Very many days without washing but i prefer to … Marrakesh uses sulfate-free argan oil instantly... N'T able to use it on my ends i cant even smell anything once its applied this... N'T style my hair both dry and greasy somehow.... like lots of frizz but weighed down with greasy. Style your hair hair care shampoo it 's worth continuing to use this as a moisturizer on my Body at... To eyes ) Argania Spinosa n't used it once on both cheeks rub. Address the issue of the major natural ingredients for our hair care brands is a of... Horribly dry skin and this definitely helps with that flowers ( ha ) lip Comfort oil <.! Lather in the future appearance of flaking once in my palms, rub them and. That i hate about it though, is i have been using daily for 2., haircare, & skincare brands in-store getting stronger and more moisturized did. I cant even smell anything once its applied that this product works amazing us!