And these days, as we'll talk about next, vinyl records are making … The tip is made of a very hard substance, normally diamond. Affordable, custom-printed records ready in 10 weeks. Even better than the CD version. Hit "Add to Cart" and let's get started! Smoothing demand and making turnaround predictable; The logistics involved in producing and selling vinyl exclusives; Applying lean efficiency principles to record pressing operations; Is the lacquer shortage real and are new suppliers on the horizon? 2-3 week turnaround, happy to accommodate rush orders when possible. Great customer service and the record was great quality! So you want to learn how to make a record player? Nearly half of all current vinyl record buyers are under the age of 25, according to record industry research site MusicWatch, and with every new generation comes a new outlook on the past, present and future. Great gift that I would recommend to anyone!”, “We were gifted a Vinylify copy of our newly released EP “Lose it” and we totally love it! I ordered the transparent disc and I love the look of it. ? Do you want to make a really cool clock? Choose a bowl that is a little smaller than the record, and set it right-side-up onto a baking sheet. We make lathe cut vinyl records for musicians and vinyl enthusiasts.. They are normally infested with dust – even on a micro level. Roadhouse Strangers, Fantastic company, they regularly checked in to make sure my record has arrived and was doing well, they notified me when it was running a bit late. Like name suggesting ShamelesslyStolen is random subreddit where you can post … For any questions write us in the chat or at So it was turning out Phuqing GREAT! But don’t get too excited – it’s industrial diamond rather than the really valuable stuff. Use double-sided sticky tape on the non-grooved side of the record to secure it in the centre of the tray with the grooves facing up. For the best quality, please clean your vinyl record with a non-abrasive, microfibre cleaning cloth. Vinyl Record Clock: Do you want to prove you are the ultimate [insert band name here] fan? Each record is hand cut and made in real–time, no two pieces are exactly alike, making these highly collectible and customizable for fans. There are few reasons for this, firstly, the feeling of ownership and having all in your hands may give you a better meaning and appreciation of the ownership. It had co-existed with the phonograph cylinder from the late 1880s and had effectively superseded it by around 1912. Cannot recommend highly enough! Instead of buying new bowls recycle your old LP records. A great service quick and easy to use website I would highly recommend to anyone. New records need cleaning too. Make a unique clock, your friends will be wowed. Due to the increase in vinyl record sales, some manufacturers struggle to keep up with the demand. The guys at Vinylify were easy to work with and made a fast delivery.”. CTV News Northern Ontario videojournalist. Design your own cover & labels Vinyl record clock. Lathe cuts are created with a completely different process than vinyl from a pressing plant. The sound of our lathe cuts are comparable in quality and durability to pressed vinyl, though due to the process they are created there are slight limitations and variations. Custom made 10 inch Vinyl Record Available in black, white and transparent A vinyl record doesn’t hold a lot of music. I made sure to choose songs that were under the allowed 10 minutes by more than a few seconds but I guess they don't test the vinyls for quality control otherwise they would of caught this. Vinylify is an awesome way to turn your MP3 or CD album into the timeless form of a vinyl record. The finished item looks amazing and the online interface was so easy to use. Very happy with my personalized record! The record bowl will end up roughly the same size. Quality Vinyl Product 12-inch full-stereo vinyl record with labels, jacket, dust-cover and cellophane wrapping. This process takes time and varies by product. Yes. A vinyl record doesn’t hold a lot of music. Phonocut designed the machine to ‘re-invent record production’ quickly and simply. Phonocut, a Vienna-based startup, has developed a ‘home vinyl record’ machine that lets you create and record your own records. The dub-plate should sit securely in your tray with the grooves-side facing up. Quantity Discount available Perfect for your Bands Album, Custom Mix-Tape Records, Tour Merch, & Gifts. The groove usually starts near the periphery and ends near the center of the disc. This is also true if the levels are too high. More specifically, it is the job of the stylus tip to do so. I found out about them only several weeks before my boyfriend's birthday and I explained that I wanted to make a vinyl with our favorite songs and that I was concerned I wouldn't receive it in time (I live in the US). You may need to cut songs from your CD to fit the constraints of the vinyl. You may lose some fidelity. How It Works You've got the tunes, we've got the vinyl. Vinyl records making a come back. Brooklyn Phono is a vinyl record pressing plant in NY with 5 printing presses that make 3,000 vinyl per day.