New Zealand Does that help? Vatican City, State Austria Connecticut It is up to you whether you want to peel them or not. If you are looking for loquat recipes and how to use up your fruit, this jam is a great place to start. This wasn’t exactly ideal, but it’s what I had. Tighten to "fingertip tight" (not too tight) and lower jars into water bath. Let me tell you something – I was missing out. Massachusetts Alabama I like this jam smoother, so I break it up a bit, but it is personal preference. My aunt compains of this, but I’ve never had much of an issue with it. , Your email address will not be published. Texas I have to admit that I never heard of loquats before and that they grow right here in Florida is a major bonus for me. The other glitch I had the first time I made this jam was with the cardamom. Russia The lemon juice will help to keep them from oxidizing when cooking. Martinique Over low heat, bring to a boil. Standing in the sunshine, eating fruit right off the tree, still warm from the sun is one of life’s greatest pleasures. My Aunt Ramona made loquat jam and asked if I would like to try it. Keep warm until ready to use. When I get my hands on more fruit to make this recipe again, I may try adding more pods to see if I can get the cardamom flavor that I was trying to get the first time. Wake Island Watch the full “How to Make Loquat Jam” video. There is just no comparison. … Hi Madeline, my loquats are golden colored as well. In a large, heavy-bottomed, nonreactive sauce pot, add loquat pulp and lemon juice. The first round, I used lightly crushed cardamom pods to infuse the jam. Utah Get all of your equipment together first. In the recipe, it is 4 cups of puréed loquat pulp, you'll need about 6 cups of peeled and seeded fruit to yield this amount. Lithuania When it begins to thicken and it's almost done, add the cardamom and stir. It depends on how strong of a cardamom flavor you want and also, how fresh are the pods? If you are concerned about them browning too much while you’re peeling, add the lemon juice to the fruit and give it a quick toss. Mexico Montana Florida Guadeloupe Belgium Loquats are more commonly referred to as “Japanese plum” and they are high in pectin, which makes them ideal for jams. Sounds delicious! Jersey Tag me on instagram @pookspantry or share it in the Fabulous Foodie Friends Facebook group! Loquat Jam Ingredients. If you have a loquat tree, wait until the loquats are yellow before picking. This Strawberry Key Lime Jam post gives you a few tips, if you want to give it a quick read. Jun 28, 2018 - Loquat jam is sweet and tart, slightly floral and absolutely delicious. I thought green might be better, but I’m not sure how many to use and if I should add the entire pod(s) or cut them open and use the seeds. If you happen to find loquats at a market, please let me know! Nebraska Other loquat recipes include loquat wine, cobbler, pie, chutney, salsa, and barbecue sauce.They can also be brewed in hot water to make loquat tea. Delaware It tasted great, but wasn’t as thick as it should be. Guam U.S. Virgin Islands I can’t wait to see your version! Please see disclosure for info. They have a thin skin, but if you want a very smooth jam, you’ll need to peel the fruit. This easy loquat jam recipe is another simple jam recipe that is great for beginners. Get VIP offers & great foodie content & you could win an iPad Air 2! Argentina If they are still a bit green, wait for them to ripen. Not enough to break them open, just a crack in the shell? This made a huge difference in the outcome. Malta Germany Finland District of Columbia Then we went outside to pick a few off of her tree. Slovenia The jam will boil anywhere from 30 - 40 minutes depending on your fruit. Pennsylvania I love hearing from you! All worldwide rights reserved. New Jersey Can I leave the skin on for a chunky jam? Iowa Oklahoma With the frozen fruit, I found I had to add a little pectin to the mix to get it to set up properly. South Carolina The loquats make a wonderfully fragrant jam and are worth harvesting! Greenland Our plums are yellow or golden colored. Loquats are more commonly referred to as “Japanese plum” and they are high in pectin, which makes them ideal for jams. Mississippi I have made strawberry key lime jam, blackberry blueberry jam, fig jam, even sweet bacon jam, but not loquat. Loquats are high in pectin, which makes them ideal for jams. South Africa Filed Under: Canning, Fruit Tagged With: canning, cardamom, cooking, easy recipe, Food, fruit, gluten free, healthy, homemade, homemade jam, how to, jam, jam making, loquat, recipes, spices.