Brilliant Humectant Pomade. Detangler. Hair Removal Waxes. Damage Remedy Restructuring Shampoo. Hair Products for People of Color; Baby Shampoo. What it does : This shampoo … Data: Limited. This OGX sulfate-free shampoo and its matching conditioner scored high in GH Beauty Lab tests of color-safe shampoos for both preserving color and … Yes all aveda shampoo is color safe! What it is : A daily deep-cleansing shampoo that moisturizes, too, taking away product buildup and debris without stripping the hair. Data: Limited. ... Aveda. Each one working to protect your strands, keeping them hydrated, soft and color safe… Conditioner. Hair Color And Bleaching. Hair Relaxer. Aveda This pure abundance shampoo is great for volume and is color safe… In your local supermarket you’ll find a whole range of different shampoos by L’Oreal. The only one that isn’t is the rosemary mint shampoo and conditioner, that will pull out color from your hair because mint is to clarify. For the price of one bottle of high end shampoo, you can purchase a quality line of color safe products from L’Oreal. Some probably aren't as safe … Free shipping and returns on Aveda brilliant™ Shampoo at Aveda. Aveda.