But take note: overloading your curls with too much moisture can take away the bounce. Often, I can see my hair becoming visibly bouncier as it drinks up the Heaven in Hair. That means that even if you leave the olaplex in your hair overnight, you will get the same results as if you left it on for forty-five minutes. After rinsing, my hair is clearly more moisturized, healthier-looking, and overall happier for up to a week after my deep condition treatment. Couldn't detangle with this! It's pure chaos. Use once or twice weekly. You may suffer a very bad set back much worse than the one you have now. I've switched back to bumble and bumble curl products. Chunks of hair come out and the definition of my curls is starting to go away and my hair is breaking off terribly. Overall, the perfect product for curls! All the best. ... which is what makes this an ideal overnight hair product. Don't leave it in. A bit confused: this has no slip! I have naturally curly hair and this is amazing. I have dense frizzy 3C/4A curls that lack definition and shine. Applying deep conditioner twice a week is totally fine. If your hair feels greasy, limp, or weighed down after a few deep conditions, try backing off to a more spaced-out schedule. A deep conditioner is like a good car service app—try it once and you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. :( You'll no longer receive notifications. In the last year I have lost curl, especially the last few months. Works overnight to plump, lift, smooth, soften, and improve skin’s elasticity for a brighter, refreshed, glowing complexion. 3 Different Styles Of Head Scarves For Curly Hair. However, the problems may occur if you keep it in contact with your hair several times, especially if you make a habit of leaving it overnight for many days. An at-home deep conditioning treatment using Heaven in Hair will help get your natural hair looking its best. It had zero slip and I felt that I was applying a mouse to my hair, rather than a deep hydrating mask. This item is not eligible for coupon discounts. They both leave the hair dry and stiff . One extra star for that. I've been putting off trying Deva Curl products for at least 3 years because of the price. This product leaves my curls so bouncy and happy!! And I do overnight treatments roughly twice a month. It’s made for all curl types and formulated for extremely dry curls. If your curls are fine, use Heaven in Hair once a week. I recently started using the DevaCurl line and my hair has been falling out worse than it did post partum. The ultra-moisturizing deep conditioning formula is packed with a trio of … For the average person, deep conditioning more often will lead to lifeless hair. Simply wrap up your hair in a damp towel, or put on a plastic cap, and blast it with your DevaDryer for a few minutes. Rinse. If you have super curly and dry hair, this is not the product for you. I would not recommend or use again. DevaCurl Heaven In Hair Divine Deep Conditioner provides moisture and definition for all curl types. Now that I answered one of the most common questions about this product, I’d like to tell you what Olaplex is exactly. If you'd like to keep using this product, use it only for a short time and in the shower. It is a rich, deep conditioner that intensely hydrates extremely dry curls. I leave it on overnight and wake up to healthy shiny bouncy curls. Like most hair care tips, this one is ultimately up to your curls. My hair does feel softer. If your hair is frequently damaged (so all you swimmers, dyers, heat-stylers, and out-in-the-sunners), you’ll probably need to condition 2-3 times a week. You can unsubscribe at any time. I have always been in love with all things DevaCurl, however this product was surprisingly disappointing and left my hair extremely dry. Sign up for our email newsletter. The result is silky hair that's easy to manage and style. Most people should be conditioning after each wash, or once or twice a week, depending on your wash schedule. Book an appointment at our Soho or Upper West Side locations today. 3a/b curly. Only recently started using diva curl products. By Bernadette Deron Shutterstock. Step 3: Rinse and massage scalp with your fingertips. to balance your hair out. Two stars for the softness factor, but that's it. I love the way my hair feels after using the product. What it does: Cupuacu butter gives your hair long-lasting moisture; murumuru butter gives hair protection and shine; and vitamin-infused cacao butter softens and nourishes curls. I rinsed it out and my hair had gone straight to wet frizz town. It has definitely catapulted to the top of my Holy Grail list... you know what they, better late than never! My clumps were also really messy. For more intense hydration, cover with a plastic cap. Get to know our stylists at our NYC Salons. Will never use another deep conditioner because nothing I've tried comes close in comparison. It's a thick creamy D/C that goes best on damp hair, the slip is awesome, and after I washed it out, my hair felt like butterrrrrrr! I am towards the end of my product junkie phase as I have pretty much narrowed down what kinds of products my hair likes.