A review of New Wash by Hairstory’s shampoo replacement: “My long hair air-dries perfectly, and falls in loose waves, like it did when I was a kid.” New Wash's non-foaming formula, however, is packed with nourishing fatty acids, essential oils, and aloe that rid strands of residue without stripping hair, making conditioner unnecessary—seriously. Hairstory New Wash is 100% … However, the company does not offer any free samples because it takes … hairstory new wash PR sample. New Wash has a pearl-clutching price of $40 but when you consider you only need one product vs. 2 or even 3 it makes the cost more reasonable. New Wash was created by Michael Gordon (bumble & bumble’s founder) and it’s said to replace conventional … New Wash (DEEP) KIT, Hair Cleanser & Conditioner, 8oz Pouch, 1.35oz Hair Powder + Scalp Brush, Apple Cider Vinegar, Argan Oil + Natural Ingredients, Removes Oil, Protects Color & Eliminates Frizz 3.9 out of … ... New Wash by Hairstory – what is it?! There is a subscription option - the Hairstory New Wash Club - where you can pay 10% less per ounces and get free shipping for life.