Email. name. Fresh garlic is rubbed all over the outside of the bird, and it's given a good sprinkle of seasoned salt. Gas Smokers. Equipment, Smoking Equipment. Simply put lots of love into the recipe, prepare a hearty blend of spices, choose the correct smoking wood for your meat, and pay heed to operate your gas smoker properly. The turkey is stuffed with quartered apples and onions, salt, coarse ground pepper, butter, and carbonated cola. ... Be the first to get notified about weekly smoker recipes! Subscribe . Ten hours in the Gallery Jeff’s Recommended Smokers . Home / Tag: Gas Smokers. Jeff’s Recommended Smokers. Setting up a gas grill for smoking can be very easy, especially if the grill is equipped with a built-in smoker box; however, there is a way to create smoke even without a built-in smoker box.. 1. + Free 5-Chapter eCourse on Smoking Meat Basics. At the end of it, you’ll have a rack of steamy smoky barbeque ribs.