If you’re a container veteran, you may have developed a habit of tailoring your systems by installing the “docker” package. This org chart uses containers to denote virtual teams within an organization. 297 Downloads. Before we talk about the improvements we’ve made, here’s a quick refresher on how to use containers and callouts. Download Image. Don’t be that person. Download Image. In colorful themes, we wanted the diagram to automatically become colorful. Everyone is building more services and providing more solutions, to bring in more customers, increase their revenue. When people understand that they can easily make the choice to swap out the container runtime, and the knowledge is out there and easily and readily available, I do not think there is any reason for us to user docker any more and therefore Docker as a technology and as a company will slowly vanish. Containers and the technology behind containers has been around for many years, long before the word docker was even thought of, even turned into a verb (“Dockerize all the things”), but Docker was the company that enabled the masses to consume the technology of containers, in a easy and simple fashion. If the DockedStencils method succeeds, NameArray () returns a one-dimensional array of n strings indexed … Here’s some examples of the kind of changes you can see just by switching your theme. Docker Logo Blue. Most technology companies (or at least companies that consider themselves to be a modern tech company) will be using Docker or containers as part of their product or their pipeline - because it makes so much sense and brings so much benefit to whole process. We also updated our old and new shapes with themes, so you have many choices for customizing the look and feel of your diagram to your audience. DockerCon 2019 #2. As such, a more assertive callout (orb) and stronger formatting have been used to make them stand out: It was a major goal in the new Visio for all our content to respond well to themes. Download Image. (Source - Tutorial - Doug Tidwell (https://youtu.be/bJDI_QuXeCE). Before we talk about the improvements we’ve made, here’s a quick refresher on how to use containers and callouts. If you have a better, smarter, more secure product - why would people continue to use technology that no longer suits their ever increasing needs? You should start investing in understanding how these other runtimes can help you, where they fit, increase your knowledge and expertise - so that you can prepare for this and not be surprised when everyone else stops using docker and you find yourself having to rush into adapting all your infrastructure. Download Image. Most people (including myself) do not have enough knowledge and expertise of how to swap out the runtime to what ever they would like and usually just go with the default out of the box. Likewise, if you have a single shape selected when you insert a callout, the callout will be automatically attached. This month, we’re introducing capabilities to help teams collaborate on content more easily, interact with apps in more ways, and customize their productivity experiences. Take advantage of those shortcuts–they can save a lot of time! Docker Desktop. Docker itself has adopted Kubernetes. Docker never made money on their runtime, they looked for their revenue on the enterprise features above and on top the container runtime. For Docker - to avert this outcome - I would advise to invest as much energy as possible - into creating the best of breed runtime for any workload - so that docker remains the de-facto standard that everyone uses. The problem with this statement - is that there no money in a container runtime. In subdued themes, we aimed for more monochromatic. You can add either one to your diagram using the insert tab of the ribbon: If you have a set of shapes selected when you insert the container, it will automatically size itself to include all of those shapes. So, as you can see, the new containers and callouts we’ve added give you more options for expressing your information in Visio. Each column represents a different theme applied to the same shapes. Here are the seven new containers we added this version: The new Visio also has an expanded set of callouts. We can easily say that this is wrong, this is no useful, this should change. Download Image. It has been a while in the making https://t.co/kBTjpXAzAL. To that end, we included a lot of special smarts into these shapes to make them respond really well to themes. Over the past 12-24 months, people are coming to the realization that docker has run its course and as a technology is not going to be able to provide additional value to what they have today - and have decided to start to look elsewhere for that extra edge. Containers and Callouts take advantage of the embellishments feature available under the Variations gallery: The embellishment level of a theme controls the geometry of some shapes.