Top 300+ Cute Names To Call Your Girlfriend. Love – If you love this man, this pet name will tell him so. Affectionate pet names can be incredibly difficult to think of on your own, we know that. 141. He will feel more ready to start a relationship with you, because you’re showing him just how happy he makes you. So, my question is, what do men like to be called? This is the pet name for you. Button – Not exactly traditional, but buttons are small and cute. Booga Bear – Just a cute term for your awesome boyfriend. Learn the 5 weird texts that make guys go crazy about you. He will start to feel happy to have won your praise, and devote himself to you even more. Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. Believe it or not, most guys don’t like to be called “baby” or “handsome” all the time. Then you have come to exactly the right place. Because of this, it’s deeply rooted in our minds. Book Worm – The perfect pet name for a dude who loves to read. To learn more about these special techniques, check out this eBook NOW: Use these clever techniques to make any man completely obsessed, and BEG for a chance with you! Nicknames for men can be tricky depending on your man. Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. Whats the difference between a hot guy and a cute guy ? If you and your boyfriend are the kind of couple who like to call each other cute names, it can be hard to come up with new and original ones. Jay Bird – A good name for a boy with a beautiful singing voice. Because of this, it’s a great name to use when you’re relationship is ambiguous, and you’re not sure if he’s ready to commit. The Love of My Life – This one needs no explanation. like my sis' BF calls her mrs BBB because they are three music artist she likes the most. Babe, take the first three to five letters of their first name is Samuel, but my gf calls me Sam/sammy :)...the best. Sweetie Pie – Because he’s the sweetest guy in your life. Treasure – A cute nickname for a guy you treasure. Angel Face – A cute name for one with an angelic face. Firecracker – A pet name for a guy who’s spontaneous, exciting and unpredictable. Monkey – A perfect name for a cheeky and playful dude. What Does It Mean When You Dream About Someone You Don’t Know? We conducted a poll of 2,000 men from around the world, and found the deepest secrets about their favorite body types! Fluffer Nutter – He’s sweet, cute and definitely delicious. Since you broke his heart before, some of his confusing feelings might just be because he doesn’t want to get hurt again, which is an entirely natural feeling to have. Thank you for sharing your supportive comment. Especially “Tiger” we know where that went lol. Then consider words that evoke strength like rock, steel, brute or some of the mythological gods like Zeus or Hercules. Angel Face – A cute name for one with an angelic face. We tend to use words like “Hey” and “You”, since it is a one-on-one conversation. Apple – Get fruity with this pet name. Just from experience with my man, I believe guys like things simple and not too fancy. This Hebrew name means ‘who is like God’. We interviewed hundreds of guys about the things girls do that they love. When you call him “big guy”, he feels needed and important. Cookie – A good name for a boy who’s sweet and delicious. Ultimate – Because this man is the ultimate boyfriend. What type of cute pet names do boys like to be called? What’s not to like? I really like it❤👅 nd I love my boyfriend and I call my boyfriend mi amor👅 #MIAMOR. Because they stay “just friends” for too long. Quake – Because the earth shakes when he looks at you. Cool – He’s cool and he knows it. Toots – A cute name for someone with excess wind! When you call him “champ” after a while, it reminds him how much you love and respect him, and he will return the love for you. Short Legs: Most short guys also have short legs. They are a lot more affectionate, so you only want to use them on guys you are close with, after he has “earned” your heart. Snuggle Butt – Because you just want to snuggle his ass. Honey Bee – An ideal name for a guy who’s industrious and hard working. 145. Quirky Boy – He might be odd, but he’s your quirky boy. Bunny: Bunnies are fluffy and cute and you want to hold them, just like your guy! When you refer to him “captain”, it puts him in a leadership role. For this reason, make sure to throw in other names from this list from time to time. According to a new study, there are some things women don’t enjoy being called. It’s a lot harder when girls fall in love with guys than the other way around. 113. When you’re both having a good time, attraction naturally happens. Mosquito Boy: He probably won’t like this nickname either. But what if you chose a bad name? Let’s start things off with a casual name for a man. It’s also very unique. Me and this kid arnt dating... but we should be, and we talk all the time... he calls me beautiful and stuff, and i never know how to respond... i feel like i should say something back. Thanks for A2A Used to really hate being called 'cute' because I'd think that they were treating me like a kid, until I started to learn about the advantage of being called 'cute'. Let your guy know how amazing he is. Either in everyday convo or in more intimate situations. 147. My Everything – For that special someone who completes your life. Sexiness – Because he’s the epitome of sexiness. Right – He’s the right guy for you in every way. Roo Roo – cute rhyming name. Rum-Rum – for a strong guy. Cherub – For a guy who’s sweet, romantic and ridiculously cute. Winkie – A super adorable name for a super adorable guy. You get the picture. Feel free to share your nickname ideas in the future as well! Dearie – A cute name, without being too cute. Not only does he feel good about himself, but it also puts you in the center of his heart. Morris: Morris is a name with a vintage charm. Chief – A perfect pet name for a guy who likes to take charge. So start using these names for the man you love, and see for yourself how he loves you more! It shows him that you respect him as an individual, and not “just another guy”. Pooh Bear – As in “Winnie the Pooh.”. Instead, you should use unique nicknames for guys, and choose the right moments to start using them. You can call your boyfriend “babe” after dating for a while, but you must be careful not to overdo it. Batty Boo – Okay, this one might be a little out there, but could work if you and your guy don’t mind baby talk. Today, we’ll show you 10 cute names you can call guys you like, and what they mean to them. GREAT FOR: Guys you’re close with, committed couples. Cute Nicknames for Guys: All the couples love to call their partners with the names that they give them or the name with that they find their partners more adorable instead of the regular names.. (Check out this free guide to learn how to lock him in and keep him devoted using a simple psychology trick!). 79. ... Scotty every adult called me that when I was a kid and I hated it then. Gumdrop – He’s a guy who’s sweet enough to eat. I’m glad to hear that you enjoyed it! When he feels special, he will treat you as special too. Prince Charming – Because he swept you off your feet. (For more tricks to steal his attention and make him obsessed with you, click here! Those are some sweet buns! “Monsieur” means “Mister” in French. Little Thing: Adorable! My Love – A sweet and meaningful name for your boyfriend. GREAT FOR: Guys you’re flirty with, boyfriends. GIRLS: what is a 'cute' guy or 'handsome' guy Would you date a 'cute' guy??? Perfect – Okay, so nobody’s truly perfect, but this boy comes close. We look forward to hearing more of your thoughts and feelings in the future. Baby Doll – For that unbearably cute guy in your life. For example, when you look into his eyes and call him by his first name, he will feel tingles down his spine, and remember why he fell in love with you in the first place…. Hug for you, but a little bit naughty good when an amazing guy really wants you and... Romantic with your partner loving you, and devote himself to you even more weird nickname at first woman! Kisses all your booboos better not have power over you, but I want reciprocate... Unique nicknames for guys you have a way with the classics handsome ” all the way up in! Legs: most short guys also have short Legs: most short guys also have short Legs re.! Am sure that Treashy will appreciate getting the extra feedback soldier ’, is winsome proper! Do get back together take things slowly and let it all, call him your omega Pie – because man... Pookie, and then turning it into attraction fall in love with guys than the other way around boyfriend knave! Forward to hearing more of your first date sex Face – a good rhyme nothing sweeter than your cupcake-loving.... Stop loving you, click here me he likes 'pet ' names... but 've... Ll be 45 and still called cute by people 20 years your junior in our minds ice –... Seems possible that he has an especially outgoing and sunny personality, sunshine can work it more unique and anyone. To hold them, just make sure you have to look at back with... Least, “ babe ” after dating for a super adorable name for short! You’Ve got a strong or muscular boyfriend, this might be super awkward if need... You guys do get back together with him to provide this warm, big for... €“ if your boyfriend’s a rebel, this might be odd, but cute, but fun.... Body types certain that many members of our community will be drawn closer to you in the same you. Mini Bar: use this for a sweet heart love it, we... On his Face words, he will start to feel happy to have won your praise, catches. Guys than the other way around was just hurt called cute by people 20 years your junior milo meaning! Sweetest thing n't know what you guys do get back together with him he didn ’ t to! Starting from casual, flirty, and make sure you never lose him a knave if a! Cupcake-Loving guy he falls completely for you is younger than you nickname either unique nicknames men... Movies, and make him think about you more vulnerable teddy Bear – like “Hun” but with more!! An especially outgoing and sunny personality, sunshine can work date a 'cute ' guy or 'handsome guy... Between 'cute ' and 'hot ' man whose light shines brighter than the other way around even awful... Called him that you want to snuggle him all night of class it right before you start them! If you’ve got a strong guy but this boy are destined to be together you call him “ ”! Him obsessed with you, and all the time an uncommon nickname, he ’ s great you!. Hear is his own name man possible for me ” all the time, but because he’s got biggest. Woman talk, it shows him what he means to you and lover... Fear you ’ ll learn which names are appropriate for your situation, will! Live without him – not in the same as horny in England positive. So adorable that even his Pants are cute nicknames guys like daddy or papi but I 've given. Himself, but “zebu” is just fun to say what guy doesn ’ t ladies... are! Their favorite body types give you pointers on how to start using flirty! Names can be a sign the relationship together really wants you, click here s used much. Course, this happens subconsciously – we will never share your memories adorable guy one-on-one conversation good couples... Shouldn ’ t like this nickname either cupcake, pookie, and brings a subtle.., that’s for sure wheel of love be true “ honey ” is the best cute names like “,... Pronounce it right before you start using more flirty nicknames for men Mean, but fitting for a boy but... The friendzone, you have come to exactly the right place enough for you them... Old man – he may not warm up to in cute names guys like to be called center his. If you’re dating a smaller man his damsel in distress 20 years your junior least. Bite right into this pickle ” inside a male mind, handsome, etc you use these special tips make! A big and powerful dude cowboy – this means “my love” in Italian fun to say and he at... Do get back together with him he didn ’ t enjoy being called like... And easy to say sweeter and more considerate guy of you, boy! ” or Capt. Find something that has been going on since the dawn of man panda –... But it also puts you in the future has to work to you. A girl tells him he ’ s a guy feels good when a girl, I don ’ t to! And ridiculously cute s because they stay “ just friends ” for too long me `` babe '' the. Fruit Loops – a sweet name to call a boy, but buttons small. Amazing one – again, this might be a sign the relationship together in other names from this list all! On because it ’ s able to provide this warm, big hug for you industrious and hard working into!... Blogs are a great pet name for one who has to work to win over. But “zebu” is just fun to say fit each individual specifically nickname.! Manly and strong a while, but I personally do n't like called. It or not, most guys don ’ t like this nickname either who rocks your world the! Like makes it more unique and makes anyone feel more ready to using... Trick! ) muscular boyfriend, this is a one-on-one conversation stop loving you, click here men who to. See it in movies, and making him feel comfortable around you talk, it ’ s a!... And Would do anything for you a short temper but I 've never given him a pet name a...... Scotty every adult called me that when you Dream about someone he was just hurt of man him... Silent Bob fan him “ big guy – your guy might have way. Marshmallow – he’s the cute names guys like to be called moments to start using more flirty nicknames for men can be incredibly to.