Wow....been a while since I did all of Chickasaw has been almost completely redone in some sections, especially in the 2nd half. A lot of twist and turns and but with a good flow. Chickasaw Trace Park (CTP) Documents: Chickasaw Trails Map (PDF) Features. I would guess we walked about eight miles. Easy Map. Have ridden most of the trail multiple times. There were plenty of fast downhills in both the advanced trails and plenty of other obstacles but this one just seemed to be the better trail to me. Chickasaw is suitable for all levels of Mountain Bike riders - from expert racers to 5-year-olds. Chickasaw Trace Mountain Bike Trail is a 21.7 kilometer moderately trafficked loop trail located near Columbia, Tennessee that features a great forest setting and is rated as moderate. It’s very tight and twisty with good elevation change. First 1/2 mile is a little rocky and rooty but after that it smooths out nicely for some fast single track for the next 2.5 to 3 miles. Short burst climbs, great down hills, obstacles...amazingly fun, but unfortunately you have to run Trail of Tears to get to it...*damn prerequisites*...and from my parking makes the *trail one* the last...Creek Trail, *intermediate* a really fun, flowing trail and a quick ride except for the "rock garden" climb that I've only managed to make it up a couple of times without spinning out or hanging up *you'll know exactly which part I'm talking about when you get to it*. From Nashville, TN take I-65 south to Saturn Pky toward Columbia, Tn. Trails were great today. Great trail! Just a fun overall fun ride. Great trail overall! I'm from the Oxford, AL area so I'm used to riding Coldwater. Enjoy!! First 4 miles are bland but after that it's fun fun fun some ups and downs mixed with speed great trail. Chickasaw Trace Park is suitable for all levels of Mountain Bike riders – from expert racers to 5-year-olds. Went last Saturday with my daughter and hiked this for the first time. The trail has multiple emergency exits if you need to bail. I'll definitely go back! Support Us | no votes yet. Physically, by far the toughest part of this you bragging rights in my opinion. ridden. Every year there is a race called the Chickasaw Trace Classic, lots of fun. Conducted at the popular trails of Chickasaw Trace Park, this race is a 9-mile single track loop with a good variety of scenery and challenges. - Duration: 5:38. It’s not full of disruptive rock features (which is incredibly rare for a Middle Tennessee MBT), so you can really focus on playing and getting in a good cardio workout. The direction of travel is reversed on the first Sunday of the month, so I wound up doing the most difficult section first. Want to explore in person? soooo many new features since i was there last. Generally very smooth fast trails with cutoffs for some terrain with more challenges. Enjoyed very much. There wasn't clear signs of where to go and there is a downed tree over the path. I enjoyed being able to choose my own adventure level. Singletracks Merch | This is now my go-to MBT! Went here with my husband today. Definitely need to adjust a few settings and camera angles for the next ride but I hope you guys enjoy it! built into the trail somewhere. 6152022557. Dry. Very well maintained trail system with something for everybody. Many trails in the area make this claim, but this is the purest specimen. I rode those trails as others in the area were closed due to wet conditions. Overall little elevation change on the first 4 miles. Chickasaw Trace Mountain Bike Trail Chickasaw is suitable for all levels of Mountain Bike riders – from expert racers to 5-year-olds. Widgets, Explore   There are some very strenuous climbs near the end and 1-2 technical spots. It's over 8 miles of a mountain bike and hiking trails. I had a good time on most of this trail, and suspect I should have had a better time on the rest of it, but I was suffering pretty badly from a hurt knee the day a group of us when down to this trail. There was, what I would consider my first 'rock garden'. Chickasaw is suitable for all levels of Mountain Bike riders - from expert racers to 5-year-olds.