EOS M50 is the first mirrorless camera from Canon to feature a vari-angle LCD screen with full touch control so that you can find new creative angles Make hi-res magic with 4K video Enjoy high resolution 4K movies with 5-Axis combination Image Stabilizer for stable smooth handheld footage and a mic input for advanced audio capture There is face and eye detection but Eye AF only works in S-AF mode on both cameras. Does it support dual pixel video AF in 4K video? This lets you compare its resolution capture and its low-light performance. 1080p is good enough for me for the occasional clip. @dave_bass5 has the connectivity issue improved since your wrote your comment (ex. No real issues, excellent AF and stabilization for video gimbal work, and if you remove the rear baffle, it can even be used on FF! DJI's second-generation Pocket camera includes a long list of useful upgrades including a wider, faster lens, a larger sensor, more resolution, improved audio and an optional handle that significantly improves control and supports live streaming. So they came out with a bizarro camera like the M50. You can also establish a direct Wi-Fi® connection to use your phone as a viewfinder, as well as check and download previously captured photos and videos. Maybe next iteration will be the one. Go watch some videos on YouTube, and/or online reviews. What are you talking about? There are a lot of photo/video cameras that have found a role as B-cameras on professional productions or A-camera for amateur and independent productions. CANON EOS M50 The Canon EOS M50 is a compact and easy to use mirrorless camera that features a large and powerful 24.1MP APS-C sized CMOS sensor capable of shooting 4K video. And thats a terrible way to use the term telephoto, whether intended or not. For the intended audience they do the job. Otherwise it's pretty clear, fast, grear panel, best 10x punch-in in the business, live exposure and WB (even newest mirrorless cameras that rely on LV don't give accurate exposure now!). They also just announced Laowa 9mm f2.8 for the EOS-M and I ordered it. High ISO noise should be equal to the NEX-7 (worse than NEX-6) at this point, though. wow the GH3 still beats it in 1080 video quality what were canon thinking, maybe its an adapter thing, still a decent holiday camera to carry around, although I would pick Sony over this they have everyone else beaten in the mirrorless market especially given theres enough adapters out there to use canon glass etc etc (and the new Sigma art range should be very nice). 2.1.20. Nothing that moves. Purely shoot stills. It's completely manual. Sony came out with the A6300 in 2016. It's not necessarily the most feature-packed or expensive smartphones that move. And thats WITH perfect AF, IS and general handling. I'm not really into Vlogging so a decent video quality (1080p) is enough for me. a 50mm f2 on APS-c has the same aperture diameter as a 85mm f2.8. To each his own. M43s will give you shallower DOF and wider FOV. Same horrible battery and slow AF, just a significantly better image on the 6D. It has Canon's latest DIGIC 8 processor and offers expanded Dual Pixel AF coverage, 4K/24p video capture (with a 1.7x crop) as well as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC. Only thing on the M50 I admire is the easy image transport to a smartphone. The lineup is way overpriced. For example, at 4K with standard IS the M50 might be sampling an area roughly 3430 pixels wide, and then scaling it back up to 3840 pixels. An 80% in 2013 never means an 80% in 2018... and I agree that M50 is not something loved by everyone.Yet it is not really comparable if you could remember that the X-Pro1 was launched for $1699 body only, and for that price you're in the range of the best APS-C or entry level FF in the market. Where is the cost savings from not having the mirror box, etc. Zooms are great. So that whole not useful for portraits is a load of brown stuff, point plank. Copy That is free to download with an in-app purchase that makes it possible to 'verify' your copies to ensure every bit of media gets transferred without issue. Maybe one day they will, but right now they don't. At the time, they promised the brand's main strategic focus going forward would be connectivity and video. Read More When I want a very strange corner in focus I flip to liveview and touch it. For over 30 years, autofocus has been a vital tool for making sure your images are sharp. The EOS M50 is a compact interchangeable lens camera for aspiring photographers looking for an easy way to boost the quality of their photos and videos. In summary, if you're going to go compare the last gen of dslrs to a mirrorless with advanced AF functions, then captain obvious (hello!) Tried very hard to get service under warranty, but I have to pay $50 and shipping. BTW when you say "No IS" for the video sensor crops I assume you mean no electronic IS and lens IS still works, perhaps that should be made clear? 2.1.20. I personally don't think that saying is enough to justify the statement for this camera. Contrast detection AF is used. @F119 - that's a valid point, but the comparison for the X-Pro1 price etc. Thankfully, Canon for its part is past the point where they will purposely make a terrible Af system just to protect 5d sales. Google Dual-pixel Autofocus. Nails it, I can even zoom in 10x on the fly to make sure the exact spot i want is in focus. Just like with a still image, you can't make something from nothing, so video quality drops. A6300/A6500 = even more DR and even better high ISO. Marques Brownlee published his third annual 'Blind Smartphone Camera Test' video and the results are surprising. It's hard to do freaking still Portraits with a 1DX/7DII 65 AF point system or Nikon's D500/D5 150+ point 3D-matrix system? If you calculate the focal length equivalent, don't you want to know the aperture-size equivalent too? See how the Canon EOS M50 interchangeable lens camera helps capture phenomenal photos and incredibly exciting videos with 4K UHD. ** AF is fixed. It does; accessible in the 'scene modes' menu. Hi Diane, Thanks for the reply, I have looked at ththe m50 again, and it was a contender until I saw the RP, its great to get an end users input on it as a camera, so its probably the one actually, as it looks like my full frame dream is in tatters. I have more faith in Nikon releasing a worthwhile mirrorless. The superb Canon M50 with an EF-M 18-150mm lens can now be picked up for just £599 in Amazon’s Black Friday sale – making it one of the best deals out there for budding vloggers. Join Canon USA for an up-close look at the newest member of the EOS M Series family, the EOS M50, the first Canon compact camera to feature 4K UHD. If you have downloaded a PDF manual and require Adobe Reader, please download the latest version. There's still hybrid stills/video shooters out there who are in the market for a new camera. Allows Canon EF and EF-S lenses to be mounted on the Canon EOS M digital camera. Always shooting over 800ISO. Creative Park Creative Park Creative Park. The Canon R5 has many noteworthy features, not the least of which is 8K video recording.