The phrase features prominently in Salty Dog Blues where it refers to the belief that applying salt to valuable hunting dogs would keep ticks away. Salty Dog may refer to: . A drug dealer. Candy Man Lyrics: Candy man, salty dog / Candy man, salty dog / Candy man, salty dog / You won't be my candy man, I won't be your salty dog / Little red light, little green light / Little red light For example, in the traditional song "Salty Dog Blues", the lyric "Honey, let me be your salty dog" translates to "Let me be your sexual partner." eventually he will appear behind you with his hand replaced by a hook and wearing a trenchcoat. In US folklore and song, salty dog has an older sexual meaning. Salty dog (cocktail), a drink made with vodka or gin and grapefruit juice Salty dog (slang), a slang phrase with several meanings, including "an experienced sailor" Music. In “Candy Man,” the Reverend Gary Davis sang about a woman who told him: If you can’t be my candy man you can’t be my salty dog. >> stuck on the candy man's stick" and so on. Salty Dog Blues", a traditional folk song; Salty Dog (band), an American hard rock band formed in 1986 A Salty Dog, a 1969 album by the band Procol Harum "A Salty Dog" (song), a song from the album It's interesting, there are at lease three different songs that people think of as Candy Man or Candy Man, Salty Dog - the one played by Rev. Gary Davis and Mississippi John, the … The term comes from the term sea dog, or a horny sailor. In this context, a "salty dog" would be someone dear to the speaker's heart. "Salty dog" also means ornery, as in the T-Bone Walker tune "Ain't Salty No More." candyman which had a movie created after him also had a myth left behind. > > A candy man was a prostitute's first trick of the day (or first sex, > if it was with her pimp), and a salty dog was her last trick of the > day. the object of seeing candy man was to stare into a mirror at any time and chant his name 3 times. In “Salty Dog,” Mississippi John Hurt states: Oh baby let me be your salty dog I don’t want to be your man at all I want to be your salty dog. Salty Dog is a nickname for an ornery Sailor or a U.S. Marine who has spent much of his or her life aboard a ship at sea.A Salty Dog is also called old salt or true grit. Not sure about "salty >> dog" but Google will probably be a good friend in this regard.