Same thing with Schismotivate… it would be better in a more creature-heavy deck. They’re actually worse! It could be useful to some players, but more likely it would be useful for the people who want to exploit them. Plus when you control the board it’s going to sit in hand. – Phase I: Stall with elders and emmissaries combined with cheap removal. 1x Wand of Elements I agree with Insanemode on doing Golgari first. 1x invoke the Firemind ( or -1x and+1x Time Warp) Weird is a cool card, maybe over coasted? Worst case, you grab 2 cards for 2 damage during his end step, effectively sign-in-blooding without tapping your turn out. Plus there are almost no spells worth copying in Mindstorms. From there, you can take the deck online as with any other mode. For five mana, most of your other options are more powerful, more versatile, or less color strict. Nobody is going to sacrifice a phalanx of soldiers if they’re one turn from killing you. Using Vortex on an enemy is suicidal unless you already have the burn you need to win. 3x Arc Lightning They claimed it had a 5% win rate. The 5/5 body is certainly nothing to sneeze at, but the Manticore’s one-time effect is a little underwhelming. Ironically, Breaking Point is one of his only counters! Don’t play more than one copy. It struggles with Aura and Goblins, but that’s just because of the cards that are given as Wing pointed out. Duels 2013 promo codes to unlock 100 cards If you want 100 free cards for Duels 2013, enter the Player Status screen, click the 'Promo' section on the right/middle, and enter these codes: 1 - FNMDGP 2 - KWPMZW 3 - MWTMJP 4 - WMKFGC 5 - NCTFJN 6 - GDZDJC 7 - HTRNPW 8 - FXGJDW 9 - PCNKGR 10 - … By the time you get something out, they have the ressources to strike it down. The end is nigh! The sequel to the card battle franchise, Magic: The Gathering -- Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013 includes new modes, decks and challenges. That’s the least it could do, right? I understand that Sphinx of Jwar Isle is good wing, but is there something I’m missing? Wing, Try my Izzet build, it has a few key changes, some very controversial, but watch your win % rise….. 4x Thermorphic Expanse Magic: The Gathering - Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. 2) You undervalue Cerebral Vortex. My original WiNGSPANTT channel is banned from AdSense and YouTube partnership. 3.1 General; 3.2 Deck Creators/Editors; 3.3 Card Generators/Localized Text; 3.4 iPad Specific; 4 DotP Links Think about it: for four mana, you get a 3/3. There are a few reasons I post to two channels: 1. or is it not that big of a deal. This deck needs a bit more draw power, and a slightly overcosted but INSTANT SIgn in Blood that has amazing utility and synergy in the deck would be crazy to be left on the sideboard. You really think Schismotivate is that bad of a card to get a 1.0? – Ajani 3x Compulsive Research But as far as burn options go in Mindstorms, it’s solid. He had a big bad creature to block/attack with auras all over it and I just took it with act and then was able to swing in with it plus my other creatures that would have died to a block, and ended the game. 1 Editing Guides; 2 Custom DLC Releases. 2. You can also use Dominus plus Wand of Elements to destroy all his lands. I’m one of the people who got into Cloudburst (and Strength of Stone) thanks to you, so i’m really looking forward to playing this deck. A turn that’s well-planned around Gelectrode can obliterate your opponent’s creatures and/or life. 1 Cerebral Vortex 1 Sphinx of Magosi Every other deck I seem to get a 30-40% win ratio.