Olongapo City is a highly urbanized city and administers itself autonomously from the province. According to the 2000 census, 78.9% of houses are lit with electricity, compared to 90.4% in Pampanga. These beliefs would then be transmitted to their descendants via oral or written tradition. And, with the lahar or mudflow continuing to devour lands years after the volcano went back to … Z  ambales Delicacies Consistent with the rest of the Philippines, the Province of Zambales thrives on the more basic satisfiers of the good life --- FOOD! Zambales is subdivided into 13 municipalities and 1 highly urbanized city, which are divided into two legislative districts. Panatag Shoal (Scarborough Shoal) a Philippine- claimed territory, is a designated part of the province. But then Mt Pinatubo erupted in 1991, forcing the Aeta tribes of Mabalacat, Porac in Pampanga, and in Zambales, and Tarlac provinces to evacuate their mountainside villages. The Visayan bahag was a little bit larger than those worn by present-day inhabitants of Zambales, Cordillera, and the Cagayan Valley. Accompanying the province’s glorious attractions and destinations is a range of homegrown delicacies whipped up by the changes and transformation experienced by the culture of the people in the province. Historians generally agree that aside from the original main settlers (the Negritos, the Indonesians, and the Malays), the biggest influences of Filipino superstitions would be the Indians, the Chinese, the Spanish, and the Arabs to a lesser extent. Zambales province is the poorest of the provinces of Central Luzon, which itself ranked third out of 17 regions in average annual family income). In a bid to prevent the further spread of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Zambales and its neighbouring provinces, the Philippine Red Cross is set to open a bio-molecular laboratory at its logistics and training center located inside the Subic Bay Freeport Zone. It is a common superstitious belief among some Filipinos that there exists a certain woman who possesses the supernatural power of giving various kinds of sickness to people. 6. 4.4% of households obtain water from springs, lakes, or rivers, compared to 0.5% in Pampanga. So far as I could learn, the belief is that the spirits of all who die enter this one spirit or “anito” who has its abiding place in this rock. Should people be given equal opportunities, regardless of race, religion, or gender? MANGKOKOLAM – (Zambales) In a Zambal legend, the mangkokolam was also driven out of the victim’s body by whipping the victim, this time by a buntot pagui (stingray tail). ... Everything they did was based on existing customs and beliefs, one of which was that having many children was not desirable and even a disgrace. On the Tarlac trail between O'Donnell (Tarlac Province) and Botolan (Zambales Province) there is a huge black bowlder which the Negritos believe to be the home of one powerful spirit. Yes, because when God told Adam and Eve to "go and multiply", he also told them that they are to be the master of everything, that they should take care of everything.