It means marination of meat especially pork with garlic and wine. The name Vindaloo comes from the popular Portuguese dish called Carnhe de Vinha d’Alhos. This is a meat preparation that’s prepared with meat, some wine and garlic. Lamb vindaloo origin. The vindaloo curry originated 5,500 miles to the west of India, in Portugal, and was brought there by Portuguese explorers. The mass conversions in the Goan population in the 16th and 17th centuries paved the way for the addition of pork and beef to the Goan diet and kitchen. * Vindaloo came from Portuguese term Carne de vinha d'alhos meaning meat in garlic wine marinade. The British preferred to employ cooks from Goa as they were free from caste and religious restrictions on preparing beef and pork dishes that the British loved to eat. The meat that was mostly used was pork but then the dish evolved into the family of vindaloo curry when it became part of Goa’s cuisine. Vindaloo was introduced to the British through the Goan Catholic cooks around the 1800s.