I opened the sample package and pulled out one of the bonito fish flake treats. If you get the word that, “The bonito are in!” Then drop everything and make arrangements to get to the beach and get after them. When fly fishing for bonito, the standard fly fishing or light tackle technique for bonito involves visual observation of baitfish. Some live in the Atlantic, some utilize the Indo-Pacific region, and some live in virtually any temperate or tropical sea worldwide. Pursuant to section 120.74, Florida Statutes, the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission has published its 2019 Agency Regulatory Plan.2019 Agency Regulatory Plan. The Atlantic bonito are a somewhat smaller fish than the false albacore, usually in the 2- to 6-pound range, but don’t be too surprised if you hook into a 10-pounder. Hydrodynamics at its finest @nateholmes_wild False Albacore Vs Bonito Range / Geography: Both False Albacore and Bonito are found all around the North Atlantic ocean. Also as I mentioned before, I like a 7 or 8wt rod for Bonito opposed to an 8-10 for Albies. But the government spent $21 billion on fuel subsidies for the fishing industry between 2006 and 2014, with annual spending reaching $3. It is similar in its habits but somewhat smaller than the more common Atlantic bonito. In the summer and fall, bonito are most often encountered as they chase bait on the surface. In the western Atlantic, they have been caught along the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada, but typically the northern most range is Cape Ann, Massachusetts. Again, each species has its own unique distribution and range. At this time, it's possible to catch bonito from shore, although it's far from a sure thing. The Atlantic bonito is usually the first flyrod ocean fish I catch each year in North Carolina. Fluorocarbon leaders like Ande and Seaguar in the 10-15 lb range work well. Late July and August are some of the best times to fish for bonito in Nantucket Sound and Martha's Vineyard. Fly-Fishing Bonito. It is about as good a way that I know of to start spring fishing. Their ranges extend from the northern and southernmost temperate seas, through subtropical waters, and into tropical regions. Distribution of the Bonito. September 21, 2007. Casting. The striped bonito has been taken on the Atlantic coast as far north as Cape Cod. Atlantic Bonito. Atlantic Bonito Fishing. Atlantic bonito share Atlantic waters with the striped bonito, Sarda orientalis (the Atlantic population, sometimes considered a separate species, Sarda velox). Bonito has a tendency to … Techniques. False albacore are present to a lesser degree around southern Florida and the northern Gulf of Mexico, where they are often referred to incorrectly as bonito.