How much does it cost to see a trichologist? Yes they are cheaper in duty free than in regular shops (at least by 60-80 Dhs) Wow really?!! Cheapest perfume in Dubai. Are You Looking to Set up Your E-Commerce Business? i know this because i worked as a promoter for them. One thing that the city of Dubai is known for is their perfume. Home; Categories. Time Out Dubai staff. You can find perfume shops in every corner of Dubai but shops in Dubai normally do sell authentic goods. Enjoy! Where can you buy the latest scents for men and women without paying a price that stinks? That means one can get them more affordable, especially compared to other parts of the world. You can also get upgraded perfumes in very fancy ornate bottles which will cost considerably more than the regular kind but its something many tourists like to take home as being a special keepsake since Dubai is so famous for their perfumes. And is there any way to check if they have it in stock before you get to the airport? but if you want to get perfume on the cheap … After School Activities and Learning Support, Glass ceramic induction cooking range with oven. They were at discounted prices. Any thoughts? … Alcohol is the same. I always wait to buy my perfumes there. Is it really cheaper there? © 2001 – 2018, The IB Diploma Programme: An Advantage for University Admissions? Do You Know Your Lifetime Risk of Developing Breast Cancer? Find out ... Women (100ml unless specified) Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh (Eau de Toilette) Debenhams: Dhs435 Harvey Nichols: Dhs370 (75ml) Bloomingdale’s: Dhs340 (75ml) … Job Searching in the UAE: Should I Tell an Interviewer I'm Pregnant? 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Yes they are cheaper in duty free than in regular shops (at least by 60-80 Dhs). Instead of hiking the price up, those markets compare the pricing to what others are pricing it for and then price it equally or at a lower price. Which state of matter has the most energy? There is also a concept called as testers. you can also try Swiss Arabian. The reason for this is that the market that sells perfumes are competitive. This includes branded perfumes that you can find in other parts of the world, too. I tend to compare with the Perfume Shop in the UK and they always come out cheaper. I tend to compare with the Perfume Shop in the UK and they always come out cheaper. Where to See the Fireworks for UAE National Day, How You Can Donate Food, Clothes, Toys, and Furniture in the UAE, Strict Covid-19 Rules Released for UAE National Day and Christmas, Things to Do in Dubai for UAE National Day, The Best Abandoned Places in the UAE You Can Explore Right Now, How to Get a 5-Year Retirement Visa in Dubai: Guide for Expats, 5 Ways to Make Your Late-Night Flight More Bearable, 5 of the Most Beautiful Golf Courses Around the World, UAE Allows 100% Ownership of Businesses by Foreign Nationals, All About Dubai's New Residency Visa For Remote Workers. Also depends where you staying n if its possible to travel. What is the difference between TNC and MNC? Suggested Read: Dubai … Thanks everyone. Alcohol is the same. One very attractive and inexpensive perfume is Arabic perfume which can be purchased there. You can pre-order online now for Duty Free and collect at the airport! - I've never been convinced. But, getting them in the market is the best and cheapest way to do so, which makes sense. Why do the Kardashians only date black guys? Why are animals so friendly to capybaras. Depends whether you want genuine or not. But, in their malls and big stores, they aren't as cheap. I remember some time back someone posted a duty free price list so that you could compare. Free delivery with orders above 150$. You may want to check it out. That is because malls are expensive to rent there, so they have to make up for the cost they are paying to the mall. She was pleased to know that perfumes are cheaper at DFF than they are in the shops here, Hi Sue R, I Recommend you try Amouage Perfumes. The only thing that is cheaper at home compared to Dubai is Champagne as it is usually on offer at sainsburys etc Hi, I am going to India from Germany via Dubai.I have a 6 hour transit time in Dubai Airport. Within a short period of time, the rapidly growing enterprise has transformed into a force to be reckoned with in the field of retail in the Middle East. Basically testers are as the name suggests that are kept open in the store to smell. Skin Boosters: What Are They and How Does it Benefit Your Skin? If I thought I'd get it in the UK I'd wait until we get home but not sure if they would have this there, being a Middle Eastern type fragrance. Bonus :). It actually does work out cheaper! I'm looking for a specific perfume as a gift and would hate to leave it for duty free, only to find they don't have it :), Have you looked at I've had a couple of good deals from them recently, Much cheaper at Duty Free. Dubai is, however, known for its offerings of Arabian Oud and Bukhoor. Is it a good decision and is it cost effective compared to buying them in Germany Thanks. That is because malls are expensive to rent there, so they have to make up for the cost they are paying to the mall. Then come the middle range perfume houses - their perfumes are usually not 100% natural and contain sythentic scents - but are great value for money - this includes Rasasi, Ajmal, Swiss Arabian, Asgharali, Syed Junaid Alam. All rights reserved. Good to know They really are Polly. This hidden gem is known for their friendly customer service, knowledgeable staff and a range of options for men and women at affordable … What are the chances of getting a job in Dubai? Good to know They really are Polly. 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